“I lie. I cheat. I steal” — Why Eddie Guerrero would hate blockchain

Eddie Guerrero is a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) legend.

He is remembered as one of the most influential wrestlers of all time and is well known for his in-ring antics.

During regular matches, Guerrero would illegally use weapons to either hit his opponent or fake being hit himself; leaving the referee to often disqualify the opposition.

As seen in the video, even when the referee thought they had all the facts, Eddie would twist the story to manipulate results in his favour.

However, the question remains, how can a referee be confident in disqualifying someone?

The answer?

Set rules, record the fight and review the video to make a decision.

When people lie, cheat and steal, mistrust is created that can result in total chaos.

Unfortunately, scenarios like this often happen in the real world, not only in the ring.

One way to fix mistrust in our system is to use blockchain.

The evolution of trust

Trust is built on three things:

  1. Repeat interactions
    There is strength in numbers. As you interact and transact with people, you can verify if the person is trustworthy through their repeated actions.
  2. Possible win-wins
    You must be in scenarios where both parties win. When someone trumps you for a better payout, this creates distrust
  3. Low miscommunication
    Mistakes happen all the time. If miscommunication is too high. Trust diminishes. But when there is little miscommunication through repeat interactions, it pays to be more forgiving.

Question: How can humans have a strong trust?

Answer: “By clearly defining, and encoding what it means to lie.” (Kernel, 2022)

How blockchain builds trust

Blockchain is a network of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system.

There are different blockchains for various applications.

One application of blockchain is crypto; examples include Bitcoin and Ethereum. Other applications of blockchain include but are not limited to NFTs as well as supply chain and logistics monitoring.

Blockchain uses complicated math and enables programmers to build solutions that are well documented for the public to see; presenting full transparency.

On blockchain, programmers can create sets of rules for their users and clearly define what it means to lie or cheat. On the flip side, you can also identify what it means to win and rightfully earn for honest work.

For example, if you signed up to do a job and successfully completed your tasks, the blockchain would validate your results and automatically present payouts.

Whoever wanted the task done wins while the person who completed the task earns their payout as well. No haggling for money. No miscommunication on the jobs to be done.

Blockchain enables people to have repeat interactions with clearly identified win-win scenarios.


Outside of video review, if someone developed a blockchain solution for the WWE based on the proper rules, Eddie would’ve been disqualified, a lot.

What we challenge you to do is think about other scenarios in your life where you may have been cheated or identify times where there may have been miscommunication on jobs to be done.

Would blockchain have helped you fix that?

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This article was written by fans of Eddie Guerrero and the WWE. In no way do we intentionally intend to disrespect the WWE or the Guerrero family.

Thank you for the memories.

Rest in peace.



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